Sunday, January 31, 2010

Monday, January 25, 2010

A few shows, Mixing the record, and Nx35

While our record has been put in the very capable hands of David Willingham to be mixed we're deliberating what the ablum artwork should look like.

Meanwhile, The Angelus plays a benefit for Denton's Querenicia Community Bike Shop Jan. 30th at Dan's Silverleaf.
Very glad to be part of this:

Also, Emil continues to play some solo shows here and there
We'll post some video of that soon.

Finally, we're glad to announce that we'll be playing North by 35 again this year and might have some SxSW day party action going on. Look at Nx35's blog to see all the bands playing this year. Looks like there are some good ones. Speaking of which, we see that our friend Summer Of Glaciers will be traveling from San Francisco to join in on the festivities.
He's got a new record coming out soon and Emil even lent his voice for one track. Looking forward to seeing how Summer of Glaciers holds up in the Texas heat this March.