Friday, August 7, 2009

Fred’s Homecoming

We swear this isn’t an intervention or anything, just a celebration of Fred’s return to Texas from the vile state of Kansas (I’ve never been there . . . it’s vile right?). He’s survived the rigors of the military duty including losing half a pinky finger, being kicked by his own horse (broken ribs), and dressing in antiquated cavalry uniform. They also tried to shave his head, but aha, Fred was one step ahead of them. What makes this even better is that we're playing with the Hope Trust and Tre Orsi. Very excited to play with both of these bands. (Matthew Barnhart of Tre Orsi has been engineering our new record for the past several months.) Alright, alright. Just be there.

The Angelus
Tre Orsi
The Hope Trust

Emil will also play a short solo set at Rubbergloves on Sept. 4th before The Angelus plays in Dallas.